Solar PV Design

Elk Flat Ranger Residence

This passive solar residence (1990) is powered by a fourteen panel, free-standing, tracking, photovoltaic array. The 2×6 stud walls allow for superior insulation values and along with a propane hydronic heating system creates great winter comfort in this south facing home at 7000′ elevation. Many other sustainable design features are incorporated into this building: daylighting, gravity-feed water supply, thermal-mass and accessibility features. Learn more about this Eco-Home (Energy-Conservation-Otimized) in the Web Publications (homepage).

Cave Lake Comfort Station

Seasonally adjustable PV arrary provides year-round power for interior / exterior lighting and for the operation of security features. This stand-alone system (battery bank storage) also provides power for heating / air circulation equipment designed into the building. (Learn more in Web Publications.)

PV Water Pumping

Continuous tracking PV array provides consistent power to water pumping equipment inside the metal structure. PV-powered pumping system has eliminated troublesome maintenance issues at this remote Beaver Dam State Park facility.