Park Design

This resouce-based recreation facility provides group-use activity, environmental resource interpretation/observation and river trail parking in one site. Learn more about the design process summary of this park in Web Publications.

3D modelling of proposed park design allows for rapid communication of park features to community members and agencies. Click here to see more on 3D modelling.
This neighborhood park design was created from a storm detention basin. It provides field sport activity when dry, and year-round leisure recreation amenities for all ages
Parks provide more than open space for outdoor activity, but also provide for other community activity. The concept for this park was to provide a landmark feature for the neighborhood with a bandshell gazebo for local events.

This private Tennis facility is located in the desert Southwest and reflects adobe architectural elements in the design. Landscape plantings echo the native arid climate.

Larger parks often have specific design features, like this community center and outdoor event setting.